OnLive iPad app stuck in approval purgatory

It’s starting to look like OnLive may never actually make it to the App Store at this point. The popular cloud-based gaming service was supposed to have its client application on the App Store some time around December 7th, but the gaming application is still in purgatory and awaiting approval. asks:

Would Apple have a problem with OnLive? After all, those with fast internet connections will instantly be able to play games that easily eclipse Angry Birds and the other casual fare that saturates the App Store. It’s possible that Apple isn’t happy about a third-party app — from which it can’t directly profit — selling the best games on iOS.

You can sum up the answer in one word. I bet you can guess which one I’m thinking of, too. Apple will absolutely have a problem with this. The OnLive model threatens Apple’s App Store model. Instead of developers being forced to design games solely for the iPhone and iPad, which Apple obviously wants, they would be able to develop it for any platform that OnLive supports. OnLive then controls that gaming experience, and Apple does not. That’s a problem for Apple.

We’d love to see OnLive on the iPad, but we have a feeling it’s going to be a while before it actually shows up.

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