Nokia Partners With Zynga, Seems Creepy And Sad


Nokia was once on top of the pile as far as mobile phones went. When the iPhone revolutionized the industry, Nokia was hit hard. Now, they are partnering with Zynga, perhaps the shadiest company in existance, to release games on the Nokia Store.

Nokia today announced they will bring Zynga’s global hit games, Draw Something and Zynga Poker, to Nokia Asha Touch devices in Q3 2012 as part of their partnership announced earlier this summer. Nokia Asha Touch users can soon challenge their friends to a round of the popular social drawing and guessing game, or enjoy their own virtual poker match. Zynga’s Draw Something and Zynga Poker will both be free to download from Nokia Store

Hopefully, Nokia isn’t banking on this Zynga partnership. If our Finnish friends are hitching their wagons to the pitbull, they are in for some bad news as Zynga continues to anger and distance consumers. We haven’t seen a partnership this flawed since Microsoft and Yahoo!.

Nokia bet big with Windows Phone 7, and that didn’t turn out so well. They’re in a shitty position right now, and partnering with scumbags that produce social games isn’t going to do much in the way of righting the ship. Now we sit and wait for one of three scenarios: They fold, they get purchased, or they find a niche that allows them to survive. At this point, Nokia is a ticking time bomb, and they need to find their niche quickly.

Source: Nokia
Image Credit: Melissa Wiese

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