Never Gonna Give You Up: Apple Rickrolls Devs

Looks like Apple is feeling a bit devious lately. While explaining how to embed a video, Apple rickrolled the devs reading the documentation.

Salvador Rodriguez, LA Times:

Along with the news that there would not be a native YouTube app on iOS 6, Apple injected some humor — a very unusual move for the Cupertino, Calif., company — and “Rickrolled” its developers in a recent change log for its next mobile operating system[…] In this instance, Apple was explaining the proper way to embed videos in iOS 6 and used the Rickroll as its example.

The rest of the article is silly fluff from someone who obviously doesn’t really follow Apple very closely. There is a lot of “under Steve, this never would have happened” nonsense. Ignore that. Focus on the humor. Apple is a company founded by pranksters, and even Steve himself would make jokes and poke fun in an official capacity.

What do you think? Is it years too late for this to be the least bit funny, or is this an amusing way to make developers crack a smile? Sound off by leaving a comment beneath this post. All you need is a Twitter or Facebook account!

Source: LA Times

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