Music labels are looking to Apple to solve their cloud problems

Irony aside, the music labels are apparently pretty pissed with Amazon and Google for offering up cloud-based music hosting services without their blessing, and more accurately, without paying them licensing fees.

In a strange but somewhat ironic twist, the labels are now apparently looking towards Apple to help solve their problems. According to MacRumors, labels are hoping that Apple’s offering will not only solve their problem, but also make Google and Amazon’s cloud music offering look “shabby” by comparison.

Here’s the funny part

After years of dominating the online music world, Apple was sitting pretty at the top. Then music executives came along with their panties in a bunch, complaining about Apple’s control and influence in the market. These executives did everything in their power to decrease this influence, including offering better licensing rates and DRM free music to Amazon.

They wanted Amazon to succeed, and they were doing everything in their power to make it happen. Fast forward to today, and now they’re pissed at Amazon and Google, and they’re hoping Apple can fix their problems.

How does that saying go about the beast you know being better than the one you don’t? Yeah, I bet music executives are regretting their decisions now.

Article Via MacRumors

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