Filter Out The Top Million Websites With This Search Engine

The funny thing about content on the internet is that the best pages and content is usually NOT produced by the top trafficked sites on the web. Million Short, a search engine for the little guy, let’s inquisitive internet surfers filter out up to the top 1 million websites from search results.

Pretty neat idea, and it’s a great way to shed some light on the little guys around the web who do things because they love it and not because they can game the hell out of search engine rankings to land on the front page of the Google search results. I mean, Yelp is crap and why would you want to trust food reviews from some random PR company hocking their client’s restaurants on the internet anyway?

It’s worth checking out Million Short, if even just for the alternate experience once in a while.

What’s hilarious is that the site filters our our website when you search for “Macgasm.” Looks like we’ve hit the big time. Hopefully a giant cash payout is on the horizon.

Photo Credit: .thana? cc)

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