Microsoft bringing Zune and Windows Phone 7 support to OS X

Microsoft may have finally wrapped their head around the fact that a logo on a device doesn’t ensure exclusivity. While some people might prefer Windows, they might also prefer an iPhone, and vice versa. Apple’s understood that, and used the iPhone and iPad as an opportunity to get a stronghold on Windows users’ computers. Both iOS devices come with support for Windows, as does Safari and iTunes. It’s like a gateway drug, so the theory goes. Take a bite of one of those services, and you might find yourself wanting more.

Microsoft has finally admitted it to themselves. There’s plenty of people who wouldn’t mind using a Zune or even a Windows Phone 7, but they might not be willing to give up OS X. One of our writers, Wayne Dixon, is one of those people. He prefers the Zune, but he also prefers OS X over Windows 7. If Microsoft is going to retake market share and put their devices in most users hands, they need to make sure that software is available for OS X.

It has finally happened: Microsoft is bringing the Zune management software and Windows Phone 7 support to our platform of choice, OS X.  You can expect it by the end of 2010.

Microsoft will be releasing a suite of software to synchronize Windows Phone 7, and by extension the Zune, with the Mac . The extent of the integration, however, has been kept under wraps. Pretty exciting news if you prefer the Zune Pass-type system, over the pay per download system that Apple has in place. This also means that many are expecting that the Zune software will be available on the Mac, making management of the Zune a lot easier than before.

Article Via Macworld and Appleinsider

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