Lion: Interact with your music directly from the Album Cover screensaver

Here’s a nifty little addition to Lion that’ll get you music nerds giddy. Apparently Apple has built in functionality to change tracks in iTunes directly from the Album Cover screensaver.

We’re not running Lion ourselves – NDA, and all that Jazz – but we have been able to confirm it with someone running Lion.

How it works

All you have to do is set the Album Cover screensaver in your System Preferences, then wait for the screensaver to popup. Once the screensaver is up on the screen, you can mouse over the album covers and hit the play or pause button to start or stop a new track.

This brings a whole new level of functionality to screensavers in Lion. I can think of a number of things I’d like my screensaver to do instead of float pretty pictures across the screen. I wonder if Apple will be opening up some tools to do these kinds of things on a developer level.

Anyway, this is just something that we stumbled on today. We thought it would provide a nice little tease for Lion.

Article Via Reddit

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