The Lifesaver iPhone Case Could, Well, Save Your Life

While it might not be that delicious type of Life Saver, this Lifesaver case for the iPhone could do a lot more than satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Lifesaver case is a case for your iPhone that is specifically designed to help you get through an emergency situation. It does this by including a physical switch on the case itself that, once activated, will automatically alert your local emergency services that you are in danger.

Rather than connecting to 911, your case will connect you with e911, which is an enhanced version that can accept information such as photo, video, audio, and GPS coordinates. This is good, as when you activate the switch, your phone’s camera and microphone will automatically start recording, and other information such as your live GPS location, a photo of you, and your physical description will automatically be sent to emergency services.

The device’s founder, Jon Powell, came up with the idea after his 12 year old daughter was involved in an attempted child abduction.

Right now the case only exists as part of a new indiegogo campaign, as its creators are seeking to raise $100,000 in the next 30 days to help bring it to market. Users that give $59 to the campaign will receive their very own Lifesaver case, with an expected delivery date of sometime in August.

The case is designed to work with every model iPhone since the iPhone 4, and will be available in white, black, and red.

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