John Sculley, former Apple CEO, backs new health sensor start-up Misfit Wearables

Former Apple CEO John Sculley has invested in new wearable health sensor startup Misfit Wearables. Exactly what Misfit Wearables will be delivering is still up in the air, but according to, Sonny Vu, founder of Misfit Wearables, is pretty tight-lipped about the project:

He [Vu] did divulge that it will be more sophisticated than a Fitbit-style exercise monitor. Vu says it’s for a chronic health condition, and he expects it will have a reimbursement code so that insurers will cover its cost.

Sonny Vu has created other medical devices that attach to iOS devices. Previously his work with AgaMatrix saw him create a blood sugar meter for diabetes patients that also plugs into the iPhone or iPod touch.

With health monitoring wearables like the Fitbit and Jawbone Up (despite their problems) on every one’s mind, it’s a pretty exciting time for innovation in the medical and health fields. Currently the Mistfit Wearables site only says, “Why, hello world.”

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