Jailbroken iPad 1 gets video mirroring hack

iPad 1 video mirroring

One of the killer features of Apple’s iPad 2 is video mirroring. The one plug solution allows users to display exactly what’s on the iPad 2 screen onto another screen, be it a projector or an HD TV. This iPad 2-only feature has probably been enough to drive thousands of iPad 2 sales, especially in the education sector, where video mirroring looks to offer the greatest benefits.

However, those of you with a jailbroken iPad 1 running iOS 4.3 or higher can now use video mirroring, thanks to a handy 6 step guide on Nature’s Eye Studios.

With a relatively easy amount of jiggery-pokery and the latest jailbreak, owners of the original iPad can enjoy the luxury of playing a game on the iPad but watching the action unfold on a nice big TV, or even just sharing some photos with family and friends. iPhone 4 owners hoping that the hack will also work for their phones will be sorry to hear that it doesn’t…yet.

I personally won’t be jailbreaking my iPad 1 to use video mirroring, but it sure is a feature that feels as though it should have been there from the start — especially considering how impressive it looks in the video below. Please remember that while jailbreaking can be fun, stealing content is not cool, and we don’t condone those that steal from hard working developers.


Article Via MacStories

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