Jailbreak just about everything, sans your blender, with Redsn0w 0.0.9b1

Famed jailbreak app Redsn0w just got a pretty major upgrade to version 0.9.9b1, and amazingly, this new version doesn’t even require you to point it at an IPSW file for most iOS versions.

The jailbreaking process, outside of Comex’s JailBreakMe exploit, has always been a tedious one. You were always required to download the version of iOS you were running and point your jailbreak app of choice at said IPSW file. Now though, MuscleNerd has patched Redsn0w so that it detects your software version from DFU mode, pulls the required files directly from Apple, and stores them in a cache to make future jailbreak attempts even less time consuming.

Another cool feature in the new version of Redsn0w is its built in ability to transmit your SHSH blobs to Cydia’s servers automatically, a process that is required should you ever want to downgrade your phone in the future.

This new version is capable of jailbreaking just about any current firmware you can throw at it with the usual exception of anything running on iPad 2 and it is available immediately. Grab the download and begin your jailbreak adventures!

Download: Redsn0w
Via: Redmond Pie

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