iTunes streaming may be here sooner than expected

According to Lala’s founder, Apple acquired them for their talent, not their streaming application. Not too long after Bill Nguyen made those comments, rumors about a digital cloud locker started resurfacing with a renewed vigour.

Yesterday we reported that Apple may just beat Google to the cloud. In that particular article, Stephen pointed out that the rumors on the street had Apple completing work on their cloud-based music service.

Today, we’re hearing that Apple’s also lined up contracts with some major music studios.  All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka has reported that Apple may already have contracts lined up with Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony, and EMI.

If that’s the case, a streaming iTunes offering may be closer on the horizon than originally expected. Also, it appears that Apple’s newly signed contracts may let the company store one single master copy of a song on its servers, and then share that with multiple accounts. Alternatively, the Amazon service just lets users upload their original content to the server. Clearly both companies may be taking two very different approaches to their cloud media storage lockers.

There’s no word on if Apple will let users upload their libraries, or if they only plan on letting users stream content they’ve purchased through the iTunes Music Store.

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out over the next couple of months as we head towards WWDC.

Article Via All Things Digital
Photo Credit: IntoMobile

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