iTunes DRM Was Never Monopolistic, Court Says

You may have read stories before about people suing Apple over how it does its iTunes DRM, specifically that songs can’t be copied over to non-Apple devices. Following some appeals, that complaint has finally been dismissed once and for all by a California appeals court.

The three judge panel decided that there was nothing wrong with Apple’s decision to only allow Apple products to play iTunes songs. It specifically pointed to Apple’s decision to constantly maintain its $0.99 price point for songs, even after competitors like Amazon entered without any DRM for the same price.

The plaintiffs also tried to argue that Apple intentionally changed its iTunes software to stop it from working with tracks bought from Real Network for $0.49. The panel, however, wasn’t convinced by this argument either.

The ruling is a nice decision for Apple, following the company’s recent crushing decision when it came to the e-book trial.

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