iPotty Announced – An iPad Stand For Pooping Children

If you’ve ever looked at your potty-training child and thought to yourself, “Why on Earth isn’t my kid holding an iPad right now while he learns to poop,” then you’re in luck.

The iPotty is a product that is meant to “make potty training fun and easy”. It is a colorful kid’s potty with a stand that sits in front of it where parents can place an iPad that their kids can use. This way, if your kid doesn’t want to use the potty, they can just sit there and watch Spongebob until they’re finally ready. The makers of iPotty also hope to create and release specific apps to be enjoyed while using the product.

While I’m all for properly potty-trained kids, I feel as though we would be damaging the human race as a whole if we allow our children to use iPads while learning to properly poop. When we get to the point where we’re directly linking our necessary bodily functions to the action of browsing a 10-inch tablet, I think we need to seriously re-examine ourselves. I don’t want my 20 year old son to be forced later in life to bring an iPad with him wherever he goes in case he has to use the bathroom.

That said, I know a few iPoopers already…

Image Credit: BBC

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