New iPod Nano and Shuffle cases leaked? Buh-bye click wheel?

We don’t know much about Apple’s upcoming event except that it focuses around music in some way, and traditionally has had a lot to do with the iPod line up. But, that doesn’t stop the rumour mongers from dredging away, looking for the smallest slip up that might confirm or deny speculation. Today, there’s some pretty big speculation, as the new iPod Nano and Shuffle cases may have leaked on a chinese website. Oh, but it doesn’t end there either. The iPod Nano update might also no longer include a click wheel.

So, first thing’s first. The iPod Nano and Shuffle could be keeping their form factors, but will now be touch screen. It makes absolute sense, and if it’s true, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple does away with the iPod Classic entirely. It could be a sad day — the product that put Apple back in the limelight is being retired. Maybe that’s what the country guitar is for on the cover,  to strum a melancholy ode to the traditional iPod. The leaked images, originally reported by iLounge, show cases more in line with a touch screen compared to traditional iPod cases. A touch screen iPod Shuffle is still a little too foriegn for me to wrap my head around, but I’m curious to see what Apple comes up with.

Now for rumour number two. The iPod Nano could see its form factor shrink, and have its scroll wheel put out to pasture, neither of which is really all that surprising if its true. iPodNN says it’s a possibility, but they offer no sound advice on whether the device will use a touch screen or not. If history tells us anything, we could see a touch compatible device in the Nano. Less parts in an Apple device is Apple’s modus operandi lately. Less moving parts means less fixing things for customers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually became a reality.

But, take the rumours with a grain of salt. They’re coming from someone who has a poor track record.

Article Via MacRumors and 9 to 5 Mac

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