iPhone 5S And 5C Combined To Sell 9 Million Devices This Past Weekend


You may have already heard, but people are really interested in the new iPhones. In fact, sales figures for the launch of the iPhone 5S and the 5C have blown away the previous records the company set with the iPhone 5.

In the first three days since the devices launched, the two products have already combined for a total of 9 million units sold. To put that in perspective, Apple’s iPhone 5 sold just five million units in its first three days on the market. Not only that, but Apple’s initial supply of phones has been almost entirely depleted, which means that this number could have been even higher had Apple produced more phones.

Of course, there are some things to note when looking at the popularity of Apple’s new devices. For one, this is the first time the phone has been available for sale in China, which obviously will add some significant sales figures from a market that was previously untapped. Apple also shipped two phones this time, with the 5C being cheaper than the usual iPhone. This lower price and wide selection of colors has also gotten a bunch of new customers to go iPhone.

Some companies purposefully ship slightly fewer units than there is customer demand to ensure they get the “New iPhone Is A Smash Hit, Sells Out In Three Days” headlines. Whether Apple did this or not, it’s clear that the company didn’t have enough inventory ready, with shipping estimates now reaching October for those that order today.

Either way, it seems that previous reports on the impending death of Apple have been greatly exaggerated.

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