iPhone 5 probably not leaked via Target ad

Another day, another “major break” in the hunt for iPhone 5.

Today’s leak, if we can call it that, comes via a Target ad for their prescription service. Apparently you can refill your Target prescriptions while on the go from a yet to be announced piece of Apple hardware.

Convinced yet?

What we have here is more than likely the work of a bored graphic artist buried in a cubicle at Target headquarters. The image released by Techno Buffalo, depicts a Target ad, showing an unreleased handset with a rounded back bevel and relocated buttons.

The buttons are not halfway down the device like the recent case leaks suggest, but they are on the opposite side of the handset which is consistant with the cases we’ve seen.

Personally, I think relocating the buttons to the other side of the iPhone 5 would be confusing to consumers and not a great design decision. After all, Apple likes to keep things intuitive and consistent.

The ad also shows the camera being relocated to the opposite side, so it’s likely the original image was simply mirrored.

The screen size appears to be the  standard 3.5-inch, which would negate any rumors of a larger 4-inch screen being used on the iPhone 5.

The only thing that really stands out here is the rounded edge of the phone. It could be possible that this is just a stock image of a handset meant to look like Apple’s famous iPhone, without being so similar as to warrant image licensing fees.

I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that we are 100% not looking at the first photo of the iPhone 5. If this was done with intent, by a designer, you can be sure he’s going to have some explaining to do when this story hits the marketing department’s desk.

Source: Techno Buffalo

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