iPad Mini With Retina Matches iPhone 5S In Speed, Benchmarks Show

If you haven’t heard, the iPad mini with Retina display sneakishly came out today. And since people have already begun to get their hands on them, that means we have a new benchmark to show you!

The test performed on GeekBench revealed that the iPad mini with Retina has a processor clocked at 1.29 GHz, which is just about equal to the iPhone 5S’s speed of 1.30 GHz. This also means that the mini with Retina doesn’t quite match the speed of the iPad Air, which runs at 1.39 GHz.

Basically what you can take from this is that you probably won’t notice any differences in performance speed between Apple’s two new tablets, or its new high-end phone.

When it comes to improvements over the original iPad mini, the iPad mini with Retina scored 1390 on a GeekBench single-core test and 2512 on a multi-core test. The original iPad mini scored just 261 and 493, showing that the new mini with Retina has improved in speed by roughly 500%.


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