iOS PDF Exploit patched by Apple in iOS 4.3.4 release

Remember that PDF exploit that had the iOS world in a tizzy last week? Yeah, Apple’s patched that in a new iOS release today. iOS got a patch today, and now Apple’s mobile operating system is up to version 4.3.4.

In addition to patching the PDF security exploit the update brings security patches to CoreGraphics and the IOMobileFrameBuffer. Don’t worry Verizon users, Apple has also posted an iOS 4.2.9 update for you that brings the same security patches to your devices.

Some notes

The patch should be avoided if you have a jailbroken iPhone. Obviously updating your phone will eliminate your jailbreak, and potentially make it impossible to jailbreak your phone again for the time being.

Should you have no idea what jailbreaking is, or how to do it, you can open up iTunes, plug in your iOS device, and click the big update button to get the patch.

Apple’s Release Notes

The release notes on Apple’s website are as vague as ever, and don’t outline what the security update does at all, so if you’re looking for further information on the exploit we’d recommend checking out our article on the PDF exploit, instead of heading over to Apple’s support fourm.

Here’s what Apple has to say about the update:

For the protection of our customers, Apple does not disclose, discuss or confirm security issues until a full investigation has occurred and any necessary patches or releases are available. To learn more about Apple Product Security, see the Apple Product Security website.

See what we mean? Not much information can be had from the support page. It’s probably for the best though. Most people would have no idea what the exploits mean, and more importantly they probably don’t care.

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