iOS App ‘Drive Awake’ Squawks At You When You Doze Off

If you’re concerned you might accidentally fall asleep while at the wheel of your car, perhaps you should try the iOS app Drive Awake. It comes complete with a watchful noisy parrot as well as a coffee shop locator.

The app works by setting up your iPhone on the dashboard of your car so that it has a clear view of your face. The app then senses for signs that you’re getting drowsy by monitoring your eyes to see if they’re starting to get more closed. To help wake you back up, the app unleashes a loud and annoying parrot squawk until you’re focused again. The app then directs you to the nearest Cafe Amazon (the makers of the app) so you can energize yourself with some caffeine.

If you’re so tired that you’re at risk of falling asleep, my personal advice is that you simply choose not to drive rather than putting your life in the hands (or claws) of a virtual parrot. Also, stopping at the nearest gas station for coffee instead of going all the way to the nearest Cafe Amazon would probably be a smarter idea. Even if the Cafe Amazon parrot did save your life.

If a trusty parrot companion is just what your car is missing, you can download the app for free here.

Image Credit: Gizmodo

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