Intel Officially Launches Haswell Processors Ahead Of Mac Refresh

Today marks the day that Intel has officially unveiled its new 4th generation processor lineup, known internally as Haswell. The announcement comes just a week before WWDC, where it is much speculated that a new lineup of Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs will be shown off, complete with the new processors.

Haswell provides a significant upgrade in performance over Intel’s previous processor lineup, with the biggest improvements coming in graphics performance and battery life.

Delivering Intel’s largest generation-over-generation gain in battery life enablement in company history, 4th generation Intel Core processors can bring an 50 percent improvement in battery life over the previous generation in active workloads when watching movies or surfing the Internet, and two to three times improvement in standby battery life. For some systems coming to market this year, over 9 hours of active use battery life or 10 to 13 days of standby with fresh data on a single charge is expected.

If you’re curious as to what exactly you can expect to be powering the next Macbook Pros, AnandTech has a written a substantial report on the new processor lineup complete with all the specs you could want.

Expect to see how just exactly the new processors will benefit Macbooks next week at WWDC.

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