Intel Makes Promises About Windows 8 Tablets


In Beijing this week, Intel released some more information about future Windows 8 tablets that will be using its Clover Trail CPU platform. While these all sound nice, we should remain completely skeptical until these devices actually ship, and consumers get their hands on them.

Here are some of the features of these upcoming tablets:

  • 9+ hours of battery life
  • 3G and LTE capable
  • Roughly 30 days of standby
  • Less than 1.5 pounds
  • Less than 9 millimeters thick

Certainly, Intel is very worried about the future of their business right now. ARM is kicking ass in the mobile field because they focus on energy efficient chips while Intel has been, well, less successful in that area. They’re pretty much not competing in the phone space, which I’m sure is painful, but they clearly want a chunk of the tablet market. Too bad they are competing for a small slice of the already small slice that is the tablet market sans the iPad. Meanwhile, ARM is laughing manically while diving into piles and piles of money.

Intel is also doing a bit of a marketing dance around basic things like hyper threading and scaling processor power up for complex tasks. While I’m sure Intel is super proud of whatever tech is in these chips, my mind remains unblown.

Source: CNET


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