The Hemingwrite Typewriter Is A Hipster’s Dream Machine

We Mac users get a bad wrap for being pretentious, but the fact that I really want a Hemingwrite proves that I might actually deserve the label. Hemingwrite looks like Dr. Moreau went at a Kindle and a Typewriter, but it actually works. Come to think of it, its overall design and appearance makes the Hemingwrite seem like something straight out of Blake’s 7 or the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy miniseries.

What makes this a bit more than just a glorified typewriter is its built-in Wi-Fi and the fact that it can sync with Google Docs or Evernote. It promises a six-week battery life and a memory for over a million pages of text. The downside? Its makers haven’t announced a price or shipping date.

I have a real appreciation for typewriters, but they aren’t very practical in 2014. For a while, I tried using one of those Alphasmart word processors, but got sick of waiting for the I/R transfer to type out my files into Word. There are a lot of “distraction free” writing apps, but I can still lose a few hours of writing time to a rabbit hole of Spotify and All Music. This seems to scratch the itch that I have for a dedicated writing device. I’ll have to hold out for a price before I completely buy in, though.

You can’t buy Hemingwrite yet, but you can sign up for updates on the project. This is a promising product, with an interesting, but niche, purpose.

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