Who Are The Haters Quoted In Apple’s Keynote Yesterday?

Apple may not have wanted to give us the names of the iPad naysayers during the keynote yesterday, but I’m pretty sure most of you, much like me, were curious about who it was in particular that couldn’t see that the iPad was going to be a giant success.

I spent some time Googling around to figure out who said what, and hilariously realized that a lot of the people making grandiose claims about the stupidity of the iPad have eventually gone on to delete their posts.

Anyway, here’s who we found:

Bruce Berls (February 4, 2010):

It’s not going to revolutionize anything, it’s not going to replace netbooks, but it will find large and devoted audiences, particularly after the price drops and some features get added.

Paul Thurrott (October 6, 2010; Hilariously deleted from his site, but not Archive.org):

Anyone who believes this thing is a game changer is a tool.

John C Dvorak: (October 22, 2010):

“I can’t see a need for the thing.”

If you’re interested in seeing who else doubted the iPad, TUAW has a fantastic post up from back in April where they highlight some of the most stupid quotes out there. This iPad Deathwatch post is pretty great too.

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