Google Stock Goes Beyond $1,000 For First Time Ever

If you have a cool $1,000 you’re looking to spend, you can now consider dropping it on one share of Google. The company’s stock price hit $1,000 for the first time ever today, coming a day after Google announced its positive Q3 quarterly earnings.

Google was expected to hit $14.8 billion in revenue this past quarter, however, the company announced yesterday that it took in a slightly larger $14.98 billion. As a result, Google jumped over 13% in value from the day before, with its current value sitting at $1,007 per share.

The company attributes much of its success to the growth of its paid click advertising business, as well as big successes with advertising on YouTube.

Google now sits in third when it comes to the world’s most valuable company, sitting behind Apple and then ExxonMobil. If you want to invest in Google, you’re going to need some serious capital first.

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