Google Chrome For Desktop Updated To Ver. 32, Brings Better Tabs

If your preferred tool for browsing the World Wide Web on your desktop is Google Chrome, you’ll be happy to see some welcome improvements the next time you use it.

Google today released version 32 of its Chrome browser, bringing with it a handful of helpful changes. While users running beta versions of Chrome might already be familiar with some of these, it is the first time Google has brought these features to the masses.

The most useful change for most users will likely be the browser’s improved tab indicators. These little icons will show directly in the top right of your tab which sites are playing audio, accessing your webcam or are being Chromecasted to your TV. If unwanted sound starts to play in one of your open tabs, you’ll now be able to quickly find and deal with it.

chrome-tab-updateGoogle has also introduced the beta version of its “supervised users” feature, which will help parents monitor and control their child’s browser activity, as well as its new malware blocker, which will automatically block suspicious downloads that it suspects of being malware.

Also included in the update is an improved design for Chrome’s Windows 8 Metro mode.

You can check to make sure your Chrome is up to date by clicking on “About Google Chrome” in your browser’s settings, or if you’re downloading the browser for the first time, you can grab it here. The update is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux users.

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