GitHub for Mac 1.2 drops and with it comes a cute mascot and horrible name

GitHub, the ever popular hosted source management service, dropped version 1.2 of its client for Mac. Dubbed Snow Octocat, which for the most part makes no sense to me and almost stopped me from writing this article at all, GitHub for Mac 1.2 is said to be worlds faster and more reliable than the previous version, though their stats seem just a tad bloated: “Tests have proven that 1.2 is approximately 3.29 quadrillion times faster than 1.1 and 4293% less likely to crash. It’s science.”

The release isn’t only about speed and reliability though. GitHub touts that the branch browser has been completely redesigned, making traversal a snap directly from the keyboard. There is even a popover that allows you to create branches on the fly.

One thing that has me scratching my head is the project name, as well as the cute mascot, which can be seen in the header image of this post. It kinda leaves something to be desired, and just sorta leaves me WTFing myself. Ok, so that was two things, but again, I’m WTFing myself.

The official release of GitHub for Mac 1.2, which obviously was managed using its own service, is said to be the result of 819 “commits” from the development team behind the project. For those not in the know, a commit is the posting of a changed file into the Git repository.

You can update or fall in love for the first time with Github for Mac 1.2 directly from GitHub, and as always, it’ll cost you nothing.

Source: GitHub


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