First Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 2, Kill Zombies As Innocent Young Clementine

Named by several gaming publications as the best game of 2012, The Walking Dead will soon be getting its much anticipated second season. Today the game’s developer, Telltale, released the first ever teaser trailer for The Walking Dead Season 2.

It has been confirmed that players will control Clementine, the sweet young girl that played a major supporting role in the game’s first season. Once again, the game will be released episodically, with episode one set to be released on PC and consoles sometime next month.

It’s still unclear as to whether the game will function as DLC for the original game, or whether it will work as an entirely separate download. It also seems like the game won’t be getting a PS4 or Xbox One version, at least not at launch. There will, however, once again be an iOS version, which will be released some point after the console version.

If you’ve already played through season one of The Walking Dead and seen some of the dark choices your character must make, it’s sort of messed up to imagine a young girl having to make those same decisions. Then again, The Walking Dead has made it clear that it won’t hold back when it comes to, well, anything really.

If you have yet to play through the first season, now would be the perfect time. It’s certainly an experience.

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