Find My Friends app hits the App Store early

We are all eagerly waiting for iOS 5 to drop publicly today. Before that happens though, Apple needs to clear out the cache of apps built for the new OS. Find My Friends is one of those apps, and it is now available on the App Store, though not yet searchable.

Find My Friends lets you visualize your friends’ locations on a map while also allowing you to share your location with them. One of the swankiest feature sets built in to Find My Friends is the privacy layer. Not only are you able to grant temporary access to groups of contacts, but you can also hide locations based on labels you create.

I probably should be amped about the release but I can’t help but realize how lacking my social graph is, as the majority of people I know are barely capable of updating their iPhones. I will more than likely be staring at an empty map for a while.

If you have iOS 5 installed already, hop down to the link below to grab your copy of Find My Friends from the App Store. It’s available now for free, but you won’t be able to find it using the search until iOS 5 drops later today.

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