Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe – Pages Live

Find my iPhone was one of the many new features revealed to us yesterday at the World Wide Developers Conference. A feature of MobileMe that would let you locate your iPhone should you *gasp* loose it!We covered it in our MobileMe round up already so I’ll spare most of the details.Just wanted to pass along a quick note to say that if you login to MobileMe now, under account you will see the new Find My iPhone button.

The feature is not yet active, but if you want you can go and stare at the page untill June 17th when it goes live along with the new iPhone OS 3.0. To use this feature and Remote Wipe, you’re going to be needing a MobileMe account too, so you might as well pick one up, even if it’s only for this feature I think it’s worth it.

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