Condé Nast rolling out more iPad subscriptions

Just as promised, Condé Nast has begun rolling out updates to their magazine lineup to include subscription based payment systems. Four new magazines — Allure, Glamour, Golf Digest, and Vanity Fair — will all offer both yearly and monthly subscription systems for $19.99 and $1.99, respectively.

Like the New Yorker iPad edition, all of the Condé Nast properties will still offer individual issues, as well as let print subscribers gain free access to the iPad issues.

It’s hard not getting excited about the prospect of moving all of my magazines to a digital device. Clearly digital subscription prices seem to be helping persuade many people to make the jump to digital. As soon as The New Yorker was offered up in a subscription format, I made the purchase. It seems like I wasn’t alone either. As The Apple Blog points out, The New Yorker app’s rating on the App Store drastically increased from 2 stars to 4 stars alongside the update. If you’ve spent any time in the App Store review section for digital magazines, it would become pretty obvious that people were very disappointed in the lack of subscription models for the content. The change in ratings for The New Yorker may very well indicate that people are finally content with the price points being offered for the digital editions of these magazines.

Who knows, between my Kobo and iPad I may have no need for a bookshelf in the future, which should also clean up some room for that massive Apple television everyone’s been talking about for years.

You can also see my thoughts on the Kobo and iPad in the video below

Article Via The Apple Blog
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