Comic: All this talk of iPad killers has me thinking about other killers from our past

Ever since the iPhone burst onto the scene, turning heads and emptying wallets faster than a candy store in a kids’ camp, there’s been incessant chatter about the fabled “iPhone Killer.” But where did this myth originate? And why are tech prophets foretelling the fall of Apple’s darling?

It all started in a galaxy far, far away… or was it just the boardrooms of rival tech companies? Desperate to grab a slice of Apple’s lucrative pie, competitors began churning out gadgets galore. Each new release is hailed as the “Next Big Thing” – the David to Apple’s Goliath. But as we’ve seen, most of these slingshots have missed the mark.

The term “iPhone Killer” brings to mind a dramatic, cloak-and-dagger world of tech espionage. Rival companies huddled in dimly lit rooms, maps of Cupertino on the walls, plotting their next move. “This time, we’ve got it!” they exclaim, unveiling a phone with… wait for it… a slightly larger screen!

But let’s be real. Predicting the demise of the iPhone has become a sport, akin to trying to forecast the weather in London. One minute it’s sunshine and rainbows, the next it’s raining cats and dogs. Similarly, one minute the iPhone is king, the next… well, it’s still king.

The iPhone still isn’t dead, and neither is the iPad.  Someone better send in the Seals.

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