Charge your iPhone with this AA-battery pack

Battery packs are a pain, often requiring a bulky add-on to your phone. But with the Elecom iPhone AA Battery Charger (DE-A01D-1908), you can charge your iPhone in a pinch without having to carry around a secondary case in your knapsack all the time.

The great thing about the Elecom iPhone AA Battery Charger is that it charges your device over USB, making it compatible with any USB based portable device, like an eReader, non-smartphone, iPad, etc.

Did we mention that it uses AA batteries instead of a built in voodoo magic battery system? Instead of having to find an outlet to charge your battery pack while you’re backpacking through Europe, you can hit up your closest convenience store and pick up a pack of batteries.

The Elecom battery pack comes in black, white, green, and pink, and it will cost you $49.99.

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