Brand spankin new MacBook Pro lineup this year?

So apparently there is a new line of Apple laptops queued up to launch before the holidays. The MacBook Pro is apparently getting a refresh before year end.

It will be a non-cosmetic upgrade with bumps in processing power and possibly RAM. This is in direct opposition to what MacRumors has been reporting. Talk of a completely new chasis design has been coming from that camp for quite a while now.

There haven’t been any hardware shortages or time delays to indicate a drastic change, but Apple has been known to silently push CPU upgrades and we could see this happening in the next month or so.

Either way, if you’re eyeing a new laptop, we suggest giving it a few weeks for this rumor to be confirmed or denied. You’d hate to be running last year’s CPU when the new one drops a month later.

Source: 9to5Mac 

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