Bookies Taking Bets On Who Will Be Next Microsoft CEO

Got a feeling you know who Microsoft is going to name as its next company CEO. Well certain bookkeepers have begun to take bets on who will take on the position, with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop leading as the favorite.

The British betting site Ladbrokes has posted its long list of potential CEOs along with the odds associated with them. While the majority of the list is filled out by current Microsoft executives, there some more other interesting choices there as well.

Coming in at number 1 is CEO of Nokia Stephen Elop, with odds of 5 to 1. Nokia and Microsoft have created an incredibly strong partnership together with Windows Phone, so this choice wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Behind Elop is current Microsoft COO Kevin Turner, who’s odds sit at 6 to 1.

Further down the list is Netflix CEO Reed Hastings at 16 to 1, the now infamous Apple exec Scott Forstall at 33 to 1, Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer also at 33 to 1, Apple design man Jony Ive at 40 to 1, Bill Gates at 50 to 1, and last but not least, Tim Cook at 100 to 1.

Checkout the entire list here.

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