Book Publishers Notifying iTunes Book Buyers Who Are Eligible For Settlement Checks

Remember that whole price fixing scandal trial that involved Apple and several book publishers? Well while Apple ended up losing in court, the book publishers all came to settlements before that. These settlement agreements involve repaying customers some of the money that they used to purchase certain books.

Book publishers Penguin and Macmillan are now informing customers that are part of the settlement. Those who purchased a New York Times bestseller from either Penguin or Macmillan is entitled to receive $3.06 per book by either iTunes credit or check. For non-bestsellers, customers can expect to receive $0.73 back per book.

All the other book publishers already informed their customers if they were entitled to part of the settlement money back in November.

These agreements aren’t set in stone, however, as these settlements must all be approved at a December 6th hearing in court.

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