BlackBerry Z10 Returns Are Apparently Outnumbering Sales

In its attempt at a comeback, BlackBerry’s BlackBerry Z10 device has seen a positive reception of sales in other countries, but hasn’t been doing as well in the United States. According to the Wall Street Journal, two analysts have released reports that paint a dismal picture for BlackBerry as it looks like Z10 returns have outnumbered sales.

ITG analyst Joseph Fersedi claims that the Z10 launch “started poorly and weakened significantly as the days passed” and that Z10 sales are “in line-to marginally ahead of anemic sales” of older BlackBerry models and the Nokia Lumia 822.

Fersedi said that the Z10’s initial share of sales was 4% at Verizon stores and 7% at AT&T stores, but those numbers have since fallen to 1% and 2%.

According to another report by Detwiler Fenton, customer returns of the Z10 are actually outnumbering sales.

“We believe key retail partners have seen a significant increase in Z10 returns to the point where, in several cases, returns are now exceeding sales, a phenomenon we have never seen before,” Fenton explained.

In a recent earnings call, BackBerry said that it has sold 1 million Z10s, but the quarter did not include U.S. sales. The company hasn’t commented on the U.S. launch other than to say that it has met its expectation.

Analysts still hold hope for BlackBerry though, and expect the upcoming keyboard-equipped BlackBerry Q10 to sell a lot better. The device just became available in the U.K. and Canada this week and is expected to ship at the end of April. It should arrive in the U.S. in May or June.

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