Back to school sales has Apple beating Microsoft 8 to 2

If you’re looking for a new computer before heading back to college in the fall, chances are you’ve already considered purchasing an Apple machine. A recent study by Global Equities Research has found that Apple’s back to school sales are beating Microsoft’s at a rate of 8 to 2.

According to the researchers, approximately 80 percent of all incoming students are buying Apple computers versus Windows-based computers, despite a drastic difference in promotion from both companies. Currently Apple is giving away a $100.00 Mac App Store gift cards to students who buy qualifying Macs, whereas Microsoft is offering students a free XBox 360 with purchases over $700. Clearly the Xbox 360 is worth more, but it doesn’t seem to matter at this point. People want Apple products.

Apple Back to School sale off to a strong start beating Microsoft 8 to 2,” Global Equities Research writes. “Our research indicates that ~80% of incoming students are buying Apple computers vs. Windows computers. Incrementally more students, who are enrolled in the online university, such as Phoenix Online, are buying Apple computers – this was not necessarily the case last year.

When the back to school promotions were announced early in June, many journalists were quick to point out that a $100.00 Mac App Store gift card wouldn’t be able to compete with Microsoft’s offering. Many felt that Apple went all Ebenezer, and failed to provide enough incentive for students to pick up an Apple machine, because previously Apple offered a new iPod touch to students. Apparently Microsoft made Apple look “silly” with their back-to-school offering, according to another journalist. It turns out that Apple’s making everyone look silly by outselling the competition at a nice 8 to 2 difference.

Clearly it doesn’t matter what Apple offers students. At an 8 to 2 ratio, Apple is clearly cleaning up when it comes to getting new students to purchase their devices. Get ready to see a lot of glowing Apples on campus this September, it seems like the freshmen have made it painstakingly clear what company they prefer to support.

Source: Benzinga

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