AT&T improving their data plans, for a price

AT&T is improving their data plans and increasing their prices by $5 across the board. The changes will go into effect on Sunday next and mean the following for customers:

  • 300MB data for $20/month (each additional 300MB for another $20)
  • 3GB data for $30/month (each additional 1GB for $10)
  • 5GB data with tethering for $50/month (each additional 1GB for $10)

Compared to the current plans (200 MB for $15, 2 GB for $25 and 4 GB for $45) and similarly priced plans from Verizon (2 GB for $30, 5 GB for $50, or 4 GB with tethering for $50) the new plans are a lot more competitive.
They also give users some breathing room data-wise, which makes sense given that smartphone data usage is slowly but steadily increasing according to a report from Nielsen.

Source: The Verge

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