Ask And Tell: Happy With Siri? Seems Like It’s Too Close To Call

Man, we knew people loved Siri and another group of people hated it, but when it comes down to it, it seems like we’re damn close to being split in our opinions about Siri. According to our poll last week, we found that 49.68 percent of respondents were happy with Siri on their iPhone 4S, and that 50.32 percent of those who voted didn’t think that Siri lived up to original expectations.

We’ve seen a lot of polarizing topics on Macgasm over the years, but this may be the closest split to date. It’s no wonder comments and posts around the blogosphere are so split on Siri and whether or not it’s a disappointment. Being Canadian, and the fact that Siri is pretty limited up here, I fall in the diappointed category, but that’s a pretty unfair reason for me to cast a vote in one direction over another. We simply don’t have access to everything Siri has to offer just yet.

That said, we’re really hoping Apple moves to include a lot more features in Siri in iOS 6. Rolling out an API for other developers to integrate with the service may not be something we see in the short term, but over the long term, it’s going to be crucial to the service’s success. We absolutely need more integration with popular Internet services, as well as the ability to do things like send a Tweet or post a Facebook status update directly from Siri.

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