Oh my, Apple Time Capsule could run iOS and get an A4 or A5 processor

More rumors about those constrained Time Capsules have been rolling in today. They’re a doozy, and they had us stopping for a moment and really contemplating the implications.

According to Ars Technica, the new versions of the Time Capsule could run on an A4 or A5 processor and have iOS built right into the base station. Essentially we’re talking about the Apple TV software and innards being built right into the Time Capsule.

While the natural inclination is to assume that this move would have something to do with the iCloud and how Apple is planning on tying local networks to the cloud, we can’t stop thinking that this could easily take Time Machine off of our Macs, and instead transfer the backup burden directly to Time Capsule. Think Drobo, but instead a Time Capsule — managing your backups remotely, and across all of your networked computers. Set it, and forget it.

There has also been a mention that iOS 5 could come complete with over the air syncing technologies that would allow users to sync their devices from the luxury of their plush couches instead of getting up and meandering over to the desk. If that’s the case, the Time Capsule could be the perfect middle man for managing those backups. Heck, a lot could be done with an iOS equipped Time Capsule. The device could even manage your software update, and push out updates from the device, instead of constantly pulling from the web.

The possibilities are endless.

What do you think, what would you like to see the Time Capsule do at this point, besides sitting on your desk and looking pretty.

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