Apple Store iOS app updated to support EasyPay and Personal Pickup

apple store
Though we’ve known about this for quite a while now, Apple has finally released a new version of its Apple Store iOS app which includes the new EasyPay system as well as Apple’s Personal Pickup service. Both features aim to make shopping for Apple products a tiny bit easier.

EasyPay lets customers select their items while at an Apple Store and simply scan the item with an iOS device to learn more about the product. They can then purchase and pay for the item using their funded iTunes account. This basically makes the need for human interaction while in-store entirely unnecessary.

Living in South Florida, I can tell you that the handful of Apple Stores we have scattered around are entirely over-crowded. Walking in to a store for a small purchase is always dreadful, and since there’s usually no big pay off, like when you buy a new iPad, it is hardly worth bothering. EasyPay makes the process much easier and less stressful for sure.

The other feature that rolled out via the app, Apple’s Personal Pickup service, allows customers to select In-Store pickup as a delivery option when making purchases. The service aims to have most purchases ready for pickup within an hour, although some custom products that need to be configured and/or shipped to the store before they can be picked up may take longer.

The system initially debuted in the San Francisco area, but has since been rolled out to all US Stores. No reports have been made yet on the pick-up wait times, and previous reserved items have been for high demand items with long lines and lottery style odds of actually getting your new product.

You can find the updated version in the App Store of your favorite iOS device immediately for free.

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