Apple Store App Brings Passbook Gift Card Support To More Countries

If you want a slightly smoother experience when gifting someone an Apple Store gift card, a few more countries can now buy gift cards through the Apple Store app and have them quickly pop-up right in a friend’s Passbook.

While previously only available in the U.S., users in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia can now take advantage of the feature as well. U.S. users have already had the feature for an entire year.

The person ordering the gift card is able to select what design it will have in the Passbook app as well how much money will be on it and whether there’s a personal message. After selecting the card, they can then simply send the gift card over to their friend’s e-mail, and once they accept, it should show up right in their Passbook.

If you’re in one of these countries and want to try out the new feature, make sure you’ve updated the Apple Store app to version 2.9.

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