That Apple founding document that went to auction just sold for a TON of cash

At the end of November we wrote about a Sotheby’s auction for the Apple founders’ contract that was signed by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. At the time we thought, based on reports, that the papers would fetch about $150,000 by the time the auction was done.

It turns out, we were $1.2 million dollars short. The documents sold at auction for a grand total of $1.35 million dollars.

According to Phil Elmer-DeWitt of CNNMoney:

At a sparsely attended Sotheby’s auction Tuesday the two documents sold for $1.35 million. Bidding started at $70,000, but lin less than 10 minutes had passed the $1 million mark. The buyer, who followed the bidding by telephone, was unidentified.

We’re a little shocked about that. While the document is obviously a part of computer history, $1.35 million is a hefty price to pay for a founders’ document. I wonder what the Macgasm founders’ document would sell for. Anyone want to place a bid?

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