Amazon Drops Kindle Fire Price By $40, Now $160

If you’ve been wanting to pick up a cheap non iPad tablet, perhaps now is the time. Amazon just dropped the price of its 7 inch HD tablet by $40, bringing it down to a modest $159.

Before being swayed by the sale, you should know that the price drop is likely indicative of a new upcoming tablet release in September. Amazon has unveiled a new tablet in September for the past two years, so it can be expected that this price drop is trying to clear some stock before an updated model is released.

If you wait until September, you’ll likely be able to pick up the current Kindle Fire for a steal and probably for even less than the current $159. Or if you want the new model, the next Kindle Fire should come with fairly significant processor improvements over the current model.

The current sale is only for a limited time, but you’ll probably be safe waiting until September if you can wait.

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