Not even 6 months in and we’re already talking succession plan for Tim Cook

According to Fortune author Adam Lashinsky’s new book, titled Inside Apple, Scott Forstall is the most likely VP to take up the CEO helm once Tim Cook moves on. The basis for the argument is that Forstall is the most Jobs-like of the current crop of executives at Apple.

From Fortune:

He’s a sharp, down-to-earth, and talented engineer, and a more-than-decent presenter,” one entrepreneur told Adam Lashinsky. “He’s the total package… “If there’s a knock on Forstall,” writes Lashinsky, “it’s that he wears his ambition in plainer view than the typical Apple executive. He blatantly accumulated influence in recent years, including, it is whispered, when Jobs was on medical leave.

Go figure, a business executive looking to move up a corporate ladder. While all we have from the book is the excerpts from Fortune, it’s kind of hard to put any stock in what’s being reported around the Internet today. Cook is the go-to man, considering Steve Jobs’ recommendation, and that’s unlikely to be changing any time soon. It could be years, or even decades, before Cook moves on. How we’re already talking about CEO succession plans for Cook is beyond me at this point. It hasn’t even been six months since Cook was appointed CEO. Let’s see how the next year plays out before we all start wondering what the next move at Apple may be heading forward. We haven’t even finished the first inning yet. Why are we getting ready for a seventh inning stretch already?

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