5 awesome Apple podcasts for your listening pleasure — audio edition

We love podcasting, so much in fact that we have two of our very own. We’re also looking to expand to a third one in a couple of weeks. But, there’s a long list of Apple-centric podcasts on the internet, and we thought we’d take an opportunity to introduce you to 5 of our favorite podcasts at the moment.

  • MacBreak Weekly: Great podcasts that have a feeling of being in a café with Leo Laporte and friends chatting about the latest Apple stuff. They cover everything new and interesting, and it feels like a friendly conversation rather than a lecture.
  • The Talk Show with John Gruber: A deep, relaxed discussion over coffee about all things Apple. John Gruber brings in cool insights and makes tech talk really engaging.
  • Mac OS Ken: Ken Ray’s daily podcast provides quick, up-to-date Apple news, perfect for staying informed on the go.
  • The MacCast: Adam Christianson brings reviews, news, and interviews, all in a chill, easy-to-digest way.
  • TiPb Live!: This one offers a lively conversation on Apple’s product line. They talk about everything from iPhones to Macs, and you feel like you’re being part of a fun, tech geek crowd.

We’re going to be revisiting this in the upcoming months, trying to keep you up to date on all the cool stuff going on around the community.

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