1 in 3 iPads and iPhones already upgraded to iOS 5

It’s been one week since the launch of iOS 5 to the public and already more than one third of eligible devices have been upgraded! Localytics has compiled a report showing adoption percentages over the course of the first five days which shows the iPad 2 having the highest adoption rate at 36 percent, with iPhone 4 right behind it at 35 percent.

With the drastic changes to the OS and the number of depreciated classes in the SDK, developers really need to step up and make sure their apps are updated to run, if not take advantage of some of the new iOS 5 features that are now at their fingertips. ThisĀ 30 percent is pretty impressive in less than a week, especially considering that historically there are users that like to hang on to older versions to ensure their core apps are all 100 percent compatible and seamless on the new OS.

The other hurdle in high adoption rates of a new release is the simple fact that some people never plug their phones in, a problem that will be overcome going forward with OTA updates. With OTA we could see adoption rates in the 50-60 percent range in the same amount of time from now on.

It’ll be interesting to see where we are after a month or so, but it’s not unreasonable to think we could be in excess of 50 percent by then.

Source: Localytics

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