mBrace hopes to bring handles back to Apple’s notebooks

Back in 1999, when Apple introduced the original iBook (which I recently reviewed here), the built-in handle was one of the major hardware features that set the machine apart from other notebooks.

Now, there’s a Kickstarter project that wants to bring the handle back — the mBrace.

Here’s how creator Terrance Kirkwood describes the mBrace:

The mBrace, made from a high quality Acetal plastic and incredibly strong Uretek fabric, easily and securely attaches to a Macbook without affecting any of its typical uses. And with the mBrace attached, the Macbook Pro still fits nicely in most bags and sleeves with no problem. It even fits with most covers and cases attached. But just in case, the mBrace detaches as effortlessly as it attaches to your notebook. And as a bonus, when attached the handle can rest underneath the Macbook Pro to provide an angled keyboard and ventilation prop.

It’s a simple and elegant design, built to use the unibody itself — not the hinge — to hold the notebook. Pretty clever. While it’s not something I’d personally go for, I can see something like this doing well, especially with students.

The mBrace Kickstarter fund has $1,750 of the needed $75,000 pledged. You can support the project by clicking here.

Article Via @MacFusionGirl

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