Macgasm weekly rewind: August 15th Edition

The Macgasm weekly rewind focuses on our original content and reviews that you may have missed the week starting August 15th.

Happy Saturday my fellow geeks! Do you all have big weekend plans? No? Well, have no fear. I have a few posts you can catch up on. On this week’s video podcast the brothers Schnell are on a roof. The only thing that is keeping Josh from looking like a homeless man is his pristine white shorts. Eugene joins Josh for our audio podcast. Marco reviews a cute little game called Dream Track Nation. Susan reviews the Olloclip, which might possibly be one of the coolest accessories for the iPhone that I have ever seen. Last up I feature Matt’s Macintosh on Flickr Find Friday, yes, again. And just like that you went from nothing to do to a few hours worth of fun, even more if you buy Dream Track Nation.

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